How do I put my procedure sheet on my Portal page?
  • First, your procedure sheet needs to be uploaded to your Google Drive if you didn’t create it using a Google product. How do you do that? Click here!
  • Yes, you can upload a Word document or a PDF – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Google Doc!
  • Next, be sure your sharing settings on the procedure sheet (no matter what form it’s in – Google Doc, Word, PDF) are set to “Anyone with the link can view.” How do you do that? Click here!
  • Now you’re ready to grab the link. From the main page of your Google Drive where the document is stored, right-click on the document title and select “get link.” Copy this link.
  • Navigate over to your Portal classroom page. In the box marked “Class Summary,” select “Edit” (it’s on the right).
  • Now you can type the name of your document, such as “Procedure Sheet.” Highlight the name that you just typed.
  • Go up to the “link” icon, which will say “insert hyperlink” when you hover over it. Paste in the link to your document. Be sure you check “Open in new window” – or the document will open in that small rectangle, and no one will be able to read it!
  • The only other item that should be on your Portal page is a link to your class website, if you have one!
Where can I point students for more information about their Chromebooks?
  • I’ve created a similar version of your training website (#ChromebookPirate) for the students (Chromebook Handbook). They can get to it (and bookmark it!) at tinyurl.com/cchsstudent.
Now that I’m playing with Google Classroom, I’ve noticed that there’s a folder called “Classroom” in my Google Drive. Can I add things to it that I will later use for class?
  • No! Please don’t put anything into the “Classroom” folder that Google Classroom creates for you.
  • Google Classroom will a copy of the assignment that you push out to the students into a folder it calls “templates,” and it will put the work students turn in into a folder (with the name of the assignment).
  • You shouldn’t do anything to the Google Classroom folder manually except sweep old assignments into a folder that you create after every unit.
Do I continue to use Dropbox? Transfer everything to Google Drive? Save on my laptop?
  • Visit this chart that created and stored under “Resources” to figure out what’s best for you!
Can students visit the Web Store and add whichever apps I instruct them to add?
  • In order for a student to be able to add an app or an extension, I have to enable permission. This will prevent students from adding sixty games to their device, or from selecting the wrong version of an app for class.
  • All you need to do is request an app or extension, and I’ll go ahead and make it available for students. The form to request these items is on the #ChromebookPirate training site, under “Resources” – or here’s a link.
How do I add a link to any Google product where a word becomes the link?
  • In your document (or slides, or sheets, or forms, or an email…) window, type the word you would like to become a link. For example, I use the word “here” a lot.
  • Now, in a new window or tab, go to your Google Drive where you have uploaded the file (or created the file) you’d like to link to.
  • Right-click on the file name to be sure the sharing settings are “anyone with the link can view” (have to go to “advanced when you click on the sharing settings)
  • Right-click on the file name to get the link to that file
  • Go back to your window or tab with the document where you’d like to place the link
  • Highlight the word that you’d like to become the link
  • Up in the menu bar, click on the link icon. Paste the link in the box that asks for the web address
  • Click “Open in New Window”
  • You’re done! You’ll be able to test it out after you click away from it.
  • Here is the shortest video that I could find to demonstrate this task: go here.