Math Teachers: This One’s For You

noun_533103_cc“Math teachers may sometimes feel that their content and specialized symbols aren’t always so easy to transfer over from the convenience of paper and pencil to the uniqueness of a digital environment,” said Eric Curts the author of the Control Alt Achieve, an edtech-themed website.  So he wrote an entry titled “20 Chrome Extensions, Web Apps, and Add-ons for Math.” Continue reading “Math Teachers: This One’s For You”


I’m ready to learn more about Google Classroom. Where should I start?
  • I mean, yeah, there’s the great Google Classroom resource page I put together right up there at the top of this site. But take a look at Alice Keeler’s collection of entries. She is truly the master!
Has anyone ever thought about the PE Department?
  • Why yes! This PE teacher certainly has! Not only does he run a great blog about teaching PE, he did this year-end roundup at the end of 2014 that points to all sorts of resources that you may want to read and bookmark!
But what about the Math Department?
  • Look at this list from the aforementioned Alice Keeler, just for you. It’s bananas!
You know what sounds good to me? A gigantic list of education blogs.
Can you recommend any cool extensions for Chrome?
  • Look at this list from the aforementioned Alice Keeler. I know, I’m getting a little one-note with her. But wow. (What is the difference between an app and an extension? I have a little write-up on that here!)