Focused Browsing Through Hapara

Giving a quiz you created in a Google Form? Want to push out an article for students to read for 15 minutes? Use Focused Browsing through your teacher dashboard in Hapara!

All of our Hapara tutorials can be found here on the Hoonuit site (must be logged in; see my email from July 27 for details), or on the last slide of my Hapra Lunch & Learn training session here.

This website gives a detailed look at how to use Focused Browsing with a Google form (quiz) – check out the site for lots of info, or the video for a quick how-to. And as always, schedule an appointment with me if you’d like more help!



I’m going to be frank. I don’t have a Google Classroom set up. I know you have snappy resources for me in your links up above, but do you have a colorful cheat sheet that I could look at?
  • Jennifer Judkins does! It’s very organized and, just like you requested, very colorful! The best part is that it includes the brand-new Google Classroom updates that just rolled out last week! Take a peek!

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