Cleaning off your work laptop

Moving over to a new machine? Come to my Lunch & Learn to pick up some tips about how to transfer files, to use cloud storage, or maybe even to find out where your documents are living on your current laptop! Sign up at


Summer reading anyone?

noun_38465_ccThis is a nice roundup of summer reading by Hapara. Super-saver tip: reserve books you’d like to read through your public library using Overdrive – and then download them to your (iPad, Kindle, tablet, laptop, etc.) for free! More money for suntan lotion!

Appointment Slots & Calendar Sharing in Google Calendar

A few weeks ago, I presented at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference on using Google Calendar. We also had a Lunch & Learn on the topic. Here is the slide presentation that I shared. If you go through it, you can learn:

    • The basic anatomy of a Google Calendar
    • How to create and invited people to events
    • Use appointment slots for students or parents to sign up to see you before/after school
    • Share a calendar with an audience
    • Create a calendar for collaboration among many people
    • Create and use Resource Rooms

The Yelp! of apps & extensions

Edshelf is a constantly-updated directory of apps and extensions that is organized by grade level, academic subject, or task (presentations, flashcards, augmented reality, etc.). You’ll get reviews of the apps from educators (which is why I likened it to Yelp!) – and the reviews contain useful information, like whether you need to pay money to use apps, or how easy/hard the learning curve is. There are also “shelves” where people curate their lists of apps, so if you find a like-minded teacher, you can follow him. It’s very user friendly – check it out!

New Google Sites vs. Old Google Sites

noun_310584_ccThe new version of Google Sites is much easier to use, but still very pared down. I found this article that helps to quickly see what’s available in the new version and what isn’t. Like all Google products, they’ll add to it gradually, so don’t be discouraged by things like limited fonts!

100 Things

dtt-front-coverI usually only skim articles like this, but because I am lucky enough to know Matt Barnes, and know he is a tireless, innovative, friendly educator, I decided to read his collection of “100 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Teaching.” I nodded my heads so many times that I became dizzy. Give it a read!