Don’t steal photos. Don’t let your students steal photos.


What do I mean by “stealing photos”?

  • Taking an image from the Internet that isn’t labeled “fair use.”
  • Using a fair use photo without citing it.

It’s not difficult to use online images responsibly, it just means adjusting the way you do things. There’s a page on the #ChromebookPirate website about how to use photos, music, and video without stealing, and there’s one on the student Chromebook Handbook as well.

If we’re not modeling ethical behavior, we can’t expect it of our students.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like for me to come in to your classes to show students how to search and cite fair use photos, please let me know!

But for starters, Photos for Class offers a simple fair use search feature and does the citation right on the photo for you!

Now you can differentiate assignments in Google Classroom


Frustrated that in order to assign something to one student in Google Classroom, you need to assign it to the entire class? That’s been fixed. Google Classroom just announced this new differentiation feature – read about it here, or watch the quick walk through below!


Get organized over Christmas break!

What can you do with your spare time once the last guest has pried himself from your couch and driven off to his own suburb? Organize your files and your email, of course! You can follow along with the slide presentation that I created for students below–all of the information I gave them applies to anyone who uses a computer regularly. You can also grab your PLT and organize as a group on Thursday, January 5 from 9:00a.m til 12:00pm. We would love to see you there!


Click to open!



Photo project?


Over Christmas break, maybe you’d like to take a few (hours) (days) (weeks) to digitally organize some old photos. I know that I’d love to have some of those pictures of my sisters with their cut-with-kitchen-scissors-bangs on my person at all times. I don’t have a scanner, and I don’t like the idea of hauling all of my photos to a store to have them scanned for me…but this looks do-able! The PhotoScan app from Google! Give it a try, and share the results with me!

Why Use Google Maps?

It may seem like an app for history classes only, but there are endless uses for Google Maps in the classroom. Settings for a novel? Estimating the circumference of famous landmarks? Calculating distances?  Viewing places in the Bible? The best thing about Google Maps is that you can personalize them by using MyMaps from your Google Drive.

Share a map with your class, or ask your class to create them individually or in small groups. Add photos, text, links, images, etc. Here’s a video to get you started!