QBall! The fun, throwable wireless microphone!

All you need is a speaker and a place to plug the receiver in. I can set it up for you in two shakes, and then you can use it for class discussions, review games, whatever you want!
Email me if you’d like to give it a spin!

Thanks to Cathy Brennan and her PE class for the demonstration!

Web Paint – annotate any website!

The Chrome extension Web Paint lets you annotate websites by drawing on them, highlighting information, or inserting text – then you can take a screenshot to share with your students. Students can use it for class, too! My journalism students, for example, may have an assignment to label the parts of a newspaper…they can do this right on their screens, screenshot it, and submit!

Here’s a super-short video that shows you the basics:

Insert Icons into Google Slides

Take your Google Slides from blah to appealing with this nifty add on that lets you drop in icons anywhere on a slide – look how much more lively your presentations can be! Choose from hundreds of icons and customize colors, too!4

Chrome browser no longer supports apps


What’s missing in this picture?

Apps. According to this article, Google will no longer support apps for laptop or desktop devices – and they’re on their way out for Chromebooks as well. This isn’t much of a tragedy, though, as apps mostly act as “glorified bookmarks” (according to the article). Extensions, the programs that sit up next to your address bar and work on whichever website you’re on, will remain, though!

Freshen Up Your Workspace!

noun_1384278Here are two things you can do to start the semester with a clean workspace:
1. Show only your second semester classes on your Portal page. I made a 26-second video to show you how!

  1. 2. Show only current classes in Google Classroom – and safely store away files from past classes. This article walks you through the process!

Manage Your Gmail With A Click


CloudHQ has a lot of productivity-themed Chrome extensions that will enable you to do things like share Gmail labels (or folders) with others, or annotate your emails with notes. I use Save Emails to Google Drive because with one click, it downloads both my email and any attachments straight to my Google Drive. Check out the CloudHQ site to see what else they offer!

DocuTube makes viewing YouTube links easier

If you plan to include links to YouTube links to your study guides (or to any handout!), consider asking your students to add the DocuTube extension.  Once installed, this program will offer students the option to view the YouTube videos you’ve linked in a pop-up window so that they don’t have to leave Google Docs. To get the add-on, students need to go to Google Docs –>Add-ons–>Get add-ons and then search for “DocuTube.” Try it out by adding it to your Chrome browser! It’s pretty handy.