Don’t steal photos. Don’t let your students steal photos.


What do I mean by “stealing photos”?

  • Taking an image from the Internet that isn’t labeled “fair use.”
  • Using a fair use photo without citing it.

It’s not difficult to use online images responsibly, it just means adjusting the way you do things. There’s a page on the #ChromebookPirate website about how to use photos, music, and video without stealing, and there’s one on the student Chromebook Handbook as well.

If we’re not modeling ethical behavior, we can’t expect it of our students.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like for me to come in to your classes to show students how to search and cite fair use photos, please let me know!

But for starters, Photos for Class offers a simple fair use search feature and does the citation right on the photo for you!

Quick writing check!


Everyone communicates in writing around here – not just our students. Paste your next email into the Hemingway Editor before you hit “send”…you might be surprised at how entirely addicted you are to magically delicious adverbs.

Digital tools for vocabulary

Before reading this article, I had no idea there were so many types of visual dictionary tools. One of the more interesting options is Lexipedia, which allows you to search a word (I chose “hybrid”), and then see synonyms or antonyms; adjective, noun, or verb forms of the word; and definitions for each related word. All of this info is arranged in a pleasing-looking web.


Another fascinating site is Wordnik, and when you put in a word…get ready to ride the roller coaster of that word, because you are about to be immersed. Immersed in the world of your word.


I’m going to be frank. I don’t have a Google Classroom set up. I know you have snappy resources for me in your links up above, but do you have a colorful cheat sheet that I could look at?
  • Jennifer Judkins does! It’s very organized and, just like you requested, very colorful! The best part is that it includes the brand-new Google Classroom updates that just rolled out last week! Take a peek!

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