What can Hoonuit Do for You?

Thursday’s Lunch & Learn topic: Hootnuit! Hoonuit is a collection of learning modules that you can assign to your classes. If you don’t like Hoonuit‘s offerings, you can create a collection of your own from YouTube or from your own files (you can use documents too)! There’s lots to learn on the site – for both you and your students! Check out the tutorials I put together for Google Apps and for Hapara! Sign up at tinyurl.com/cchsLunch
Hoonuit Flyer 2

Cleaning off your work laptop

Moving over to a new machine? Come to my Lunch & Learn to pick up some tips about how to transfer files, to use cloud storage, or maybe even to find out where your documents are living on your current laptop! Sign up at tinyurl.com/cchsLunch