I’m going to be frank. I don’t have a Google Classroom set up. I know you have snappy resources for me in your links up above, but do you have a colorful cheat sheet that I could look at?
  • Jennifer Judkins does! It’s very organized and, just like you requested, very colorful! The best part is that it includes the brand-new Google Classroom updates that just rolled out last week! Take a peek!

Do you have any ideas how I can schedule visits with my students outside of class?
  • I would use a nifty add-on that you use when you’re in Google Forms called Choice Eliminator. Read about it at that link, or at the kind of ’90s-looking official website here. I was going to use it for my appointments, but the amount of times that I offer looked a little overwhelming to choose from, so I kept with the Google Sheets format. However, if you’d like to put up options for outside-of-class help each week, wouldn’t this kind of form be sort of cool to link to on your Google Classroom page for kids to sign up? After a student selects a time, it disappears from the options for the next person who clicks on the link. V. nice!
If I want to share web links with my students in addition to documents in the “Handouts” folder I have in my Google Drive and that I link to on my Google Classroom “About” page, how can I do that?
  • Try using Padlet, which is a simple website OR app you can get from the Chrome web store. Here’s a quickie that I made to share some links with you: http://padlet.com/acoughlin/cchstech. You can add a link to your “About” page to your Padlet and keep it updated – or you can make it public and let students add their links, too!
I installed the Silverlight Plugin, and my gradebook was working just fine, but all of a sudden I can’t see pop-up windows when I’m in the gradebook – my IEP’s won’t show up when I click them, or my seating charts won’t show up.
  • You may need to remind your browser to accept pop-ups. Do you have an icon in your address bar with a red X through it, like this?
    Inline image 1 If so, right-click on the icon and select “always allow pop-ups from this site.” It should fix things.
Keep an eye on the student Chromebook help website, as we’re going to ask students to    look at it this week if they haven’t already!